A Good Nights’ Sleep

It’s a great feeling waking up after a good nights’ sleep. Sleep should be looked forward to just as much as getting up every morning. Our body does such magnificent, beautiful things automatically, and sleep is one of a mysterious state of mind. We lie down and close our eyes every night and go into a dream world that is fascinating! Most people sleep well and enjoy a night of complete rest.

Sleep Deprivation

Without even one good night of sleep your body doesn’t feel as strong and your mind doesn’t function one hundred percent. Your quality of life is affected in a negative, fatigued feeling and in time becomes a serious health concern. Many people do not experience this blissful sleep ritual, but instead, toss and turn all night. A condition called ‘sleep deprivation’ has been medically proven and is a big concern in the medical field. Doctors will always ask you if you’re sleeping well because sleep deprivation is a symptom and/or cause of many illnesses.


When a person goes for days without sleeping, your body, or brain, will cause black-outs called microsleeps. These involuntary collapses are dangerous not only for your safety, but your body is calling out for help.

There are specialty sleep clinics which improve, and in a lot of cases, cure sleep deprivation and are recommended in the medical field for their proven success.

Try to keep the stress in your life manageable as this is the #1 reason people cannot go to sleep. Stress can cause a number of illnesses and in this ever struggling world most people’s stress level is sitting way above average. Remember to take deep breathes, in through the nose, out through the mouth, several times, and you’ll feel your heart start to beat slower, you can calm yourself down. This should be done right before you go to bed.

East right, exercise and sleep, sleep, sleep.