Top 10 Most Famous Female Celebrities In The World

10. Eva Mendes 9. Charlize Theron 7. Kim Kardashian 6. Rihanna 5. Jessica Alba 4. Miley Cyrus 3. Scarlett Johansson 2. Taylor Swift 1. Angelina Jolie

Celebrity Tax Deductions

Even though American celebrities have millions of dollars, it doesn’t mean they try to write off certain purchases. This info graphic looks at some of the ridiculous tax deductions that the rich and famous tried to claim.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

A Good Nights’ Sleep It’s a great feeling waking up after a good nights’ sleep. Sleep should be looked forward to just as much as getting up every morning. Our body does such magnificent, beautiful things automatically, and sleep is one of a mysterious state of mind. We lie down and close our eyes every…Continue Reading…